get your ears ready for breathtakin` hours full of
mindblowin` music with whizbangin` lyrics

prepare your feet with the best dancin´ shoes money can buy
and PLEASE!!! get enough food & drinks…don´t forget it …you defenetly will need it

you got everything set up???
okay than let´s go

join theWeird & theBeard in their wicked adventures.




theWeird&theBeard are back…finally
they had a ball for 14 month with wine whiskey & women
but even the greatest blowout has to come to an end
what´s after the big blast?
right!!! wake up to reality & guess what? reality is a b**ch
wasted broke & banned from home ur two favorite record collectors
have to sell some vinyl or must look for a new over payed job


01. The Hollywood Argyles – Unemployment
02. The Heartbeats – I Found A Job
03. Jimmy Nabors – I´m Working
04. Lee Dorsey – Working In The Coal Mine
05. The Untouchables – Raisin´ Sugar Cane

06. Big Buddy Lucas – Get Away Fly
07. Dossie Terry – Railroad Section Man
08. Chuck Higgins – Blacksmith Blues
09. Nappy Brown – Coal Miner
10. Keith Courvale – Steel Worker Blues

11. Dorsey Burnette – Hard Working Man
12. B.K. Anderson – The Minimum Wage
13. Deane Hawley – Bossman
14. Louis Jordan – Workin´ Man
15. Paul Perryman – Work To Be Done

16. Tony Douglas – Shrimpin‘
17. Benny Joy – Hey Bossman (I Won’t Be In Today)
18. Steve & The Holidays – Unemployment






 the two record collector´s  really dig deep for episode 1
after months of prehearin´ selectin´ & just music listnin´
they present a 16 tunes selection
WW&W takes you to the sleazy clubs, bars & joints of the united states
where real rhythm´N`blues is always the music of  choice
and where records spinnin´ all night long
the living nightmare for all  parents on the planet
but the biggest fun for all others.

Come On The Party´s Startin´!!!!!

01. Jesse Allan – Let’s Party
02. T.N.T. Tribble – Half PT Of Whiskey
03. Stick McGhee – Drank Up All The Wine Last Night
04. Du-Droppers – Drink Up

05. Louis Jordan – Fat Back & Corn Liquor
06. John Greer – Strong Red Whiskey
07. The Meadowlarks – Pass The Gin
08. Buddy Lucas – I Got Drunk

09. George Zimmeran – Ain’t Got The Money To Pay For This Drink
10. Floyd Dixon – Hey Bartender
11. Lil’Son Jackson – Get High Everybody
12. Peppermint Harris- I Got Loaded

13. The Echoes – All That Wine Is Gone
14. Harold Young – Last Call For Whiskey
15. Amos Milburn – Bad Bad Whiskey
16. Jimmy Liggins – No More Alcohol