playSomeRecords  –  the mixtape series

newest project of the well known
record collector, radio dj and selecta tinTin.




March 2015 the playSomeRecords series
started with the redLabeled edition
this was the introduction round
this is where it all began
the kick off
day one….
the 8 selections contain
jamaican american & caribbean music

watch out for the
ROCKSTEADY selection
JUMP BLUES selection
STUDIO ONE selection
ROCKABILLY selection
CALYPSO selection
and 3 more




are dedicated to all the fantastic music that comes out of the united states
in january 2016
the first BlueTape found it´s way into the ears of the worldwideweb & since then
theBlueTapes cover all the american music you want and need to hear…trust me
Jumpin`Blues Rhythm´N´Blues
Rockabilly  Rock´n´Roll  Popcorn & Blues
its all in here & theres more to come

watch out for the
MOODY LOVERS selection
HARMONICA selection
and 2 more




celebrate young jamaicas sounds
from the 50´s & 60´s
independent time for the caribbean island &
start for a unique music industry that is still growing today
thousands of records came out of the studios of JA & conquered the whole world
Mento JA R´n`B Ska Rocksteady Calypso & EarlyReggae you name it we play it

watch out for the
ROCKSTEADY selection
MENTO selection
&  more is on the way


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