playSomeRecords takes you to one of those sinful places
that your mothers have always warned you about.

undeniable the smokiest club in town &
definitely THE club where you can spend the night of your life
… or the worst night ever, it´s up to you.
but no matter what happens in the pig it stays in the pig.
double scout´s honour!!!


volume1: welcomeToTheClub
feat. collectaTinTin introducing barbTheBarbtender

barb, the good soul of thePickyBlindPig
opens for you & your loved ones the doors of the smokiest club in town.
the dimmed light behind these doors hides a world of badly burned alcohol in dirty bottles, punched drugs, broken hearts, empty purses, unanswered questions to god, lightly dressed waitresses, sailor stories, cheap love & lots of original vinyl selected by the resident collector fathaTinTin. from the very first step on the sticky floor in front of the bar you will realize that you will not forget this club so soon if you even succeed.

01. Lee Shot Williams – You´re Welcome To The Club  –  02. Bobby Hamilton – How Come
03. Bobby Nichols – Oh Lord Give Me Back My Rib  –  04. Gene Vincent – Crazy Beat
05. Scott Garrett – The Day I Died  –  06. Rod Willis – Old Man Mose
07. Bill Haley – Chick Safari  –  08. Lonnie Sattin – What Time Does The Sun Go Down
09. The Carsons – Wine Women & Gold  –  10. Freddy Quinn – Sie Hieß Mary Ann
11. Ben Sharon – Cotton Pickin Chicken Pluckin Shame  –  12. Otto Bash – Lookout Mountain
13. Lynn Conner – Laughing At Me  –  14. Milton Grayson – It Ain´t Necessarily So
15. Eddy Arnold – I Need Somebody  –  16. Eartha Kitt – Take My Love
17. Richard Hayes – Misery´s Child  –  18. Johnny Desmond – Hawk
19. Matt Monro – Honey On The Vine





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